How to Register to Vote

  1. Complete and submit the Florida Voter Registration Application online.


2. Print the Voter Registration Application online or pick one up at any of these locations and return it to our office.

Who can register to vote?

In order to register to vote in the State of Florida, you must: 
  1. Be a citizen of the United States of America
  2. Be a Florida Resident
  3. Be 18 years of age. A person who is otherwise eligible, may pre-register on or after his/her 16th birthday, and may vote in any election on or after his 18th birthday.
  4. Not be adjudicated mentally incapacitated with respect to voting in Florida or in any other state.
  5. Not have been convicted of a felony without your right to vote having been restored.
  6. Provide your current and valid Florida Driver License or Florida Identification card number.  If you do not have one of these, you must provide the last four (4) digits of your Social Security number.  If you have not been issued any of these items, you must check "I have "NONE" of these numbers in the box indicated on the Voter Registration Application.

  1. You must be registered for at least 29 days before you can vote in an election.
  2. The office where you register, your decision not to register, your Social Security number, Florida Driver License number and Florida Identification number will remain confidential and will only be used for verification purposes.
  3. When you sign your Voter Registration Application, you are swearing to or affirming an oath.
  4. Once your application has been entered into the Florida Voter Registration System, the State must verify your identity.  It is important that the name you provide matches your Florida Identification, Driver License or Social Security information.
  5. If the information on the application is not true, the applicant can be convicted of a felony of the third degree and fined up to $5,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 5 years.
  6. If your application is complete and you qualify as a voter, the Supervisor of Elections will mail you a confirmation letter with a Voter Information Card as official notification that you are registered to vote.  Make sure all of the information in your letter is correct.  If you do not receive a confirmation letter within 8 weeks, or if you have any questions, please call our office at 407.742.6000.
A Third Party Voter Registration organization may help you to register to vote. Visit our page about Third Party Voter Registration for more information.