Third Party Voter Registration

In recent years, third-party voter registration organizations and individuals have become increasingly active in reaching out to citizens in our communities to register them to vote.

Florida law defines a third-party registration organization as "any person, entity, or organization soliciting or collecting voter registration applications" with the exception of:

  • A person who seeks only to register to vote or collect voter registration applications from his/her spouse, child, or parent.

  • A person engaged in registering to vote or collecting voter registration applications as an employee or agent of the Florida Division of Elections, Supervisor of Elections, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, or an official voter registration agency designated by the National Voter Registration Act or State Law.

(see §97.021, §97.058, Florida Statutes)

If you are an individual or organization planning to conduct a voter registration drive, it is important that you understand the laws involving voter registration.

The Supervisor of Elections office also offers training for any group or individual upon request.  Please contact the Voter Education and Outreach Manager at 407.742.6100 for more information.

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