What is a Canvassing Board?

Osceola County Canvassing Board

FS 102.141

The State of Florida requires each county to have a Canvassing Board in place for every election. The Canvassing Board’s main duty is to protect your vote by supervising the election process. This Board also certifies the Election. All canvassing activities are conducted according to Florida Statutes and Rules of the Florida Administrative Code.

Canvassing Board Members

Pursuant to FS 102.141 the county Canvassing Board is composed of the Supervisor of Elections; a County Court Judge, who shall act as chair; and the chair of the Board of County Commissioners. Our office will publish the names of the Canvassing Board Members on our website upon completion of the logic and accuracy test.

Alternate Canvassing Board members must be appointed pursuant to FS 102.141 (e). In the event any member of the county canvassing board is unable to serve, is a candidate who has opposition in the election being canvassed or is an active participant in the campaign or candidacy of any candidate who has opposition in the election being canvassed, such member shall be replaced.  

Canvassing Board Duties

Conduct public testing of voting equipment to be used

Canvass all vote by mail and provisional ballots

Verify the accuracy and validity of all votes cast

Order recounts if necessary

Submit the official returns to the Department of State

Perform a mandatory Manual Audit after the Official Certification of the Election