Address Confirmation Final Notice

You were mailed an Address Confirmation Final Notice because the correspondence we sent to the address in your file was returned to our office as undeliverable and / or we received information indicating that your address has changed to a location outside the state of Florida. Please complete the form below or return the card within 30 days. If you use the online form you do not need to also return the card by mail to our office.  


  • If you do not respond to the notice within 30 days, you will be placed on the list of inactive voters.


If you have changed your name, please click here to access the Florida Voter Registration Application. This form must be completed and returned to our office in order to process your name change. 



  • If you no longer live in Florida and wish to cancel your Florida Voter Registration please STOP HERE! Check  the appropriate box on the card we sent you, sign and return it to our office.  


Please use this form if you received an Address Confirmation Request, Address Change Notice or Address Confirmation Final Notice from our office to confirm your address within the State of Florida.

You can use this form if the following two statements are true.

* Your name is correct on the notice
* You continue with your legal residence in this county

Otherwise, if you have changed your name or moved to another place within the state of Florida, you may use the Florida Voter Registration Application to update your voter registration information.

Finally, if you moved your legal residence outside the state of Florida and wish to cancel your Florida Voter Registration, please complete the Elector's Removal Request Form.


Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

No permenent address?