Education Outreach Programs Offered

The Osceola County Supervisor of Elections Office is committed to informing the community about the election process. We have several exciting educational outreach programs we are using in our county schools and we also have programs such as our Adopt-A-Precinct programs that are geared toward civic and community organizations.

Student Elections

We would be glad to come to your school and help with Class Officer elections, Homecoming Court elections or even hold a mock election on an important issue at your school.

Voter Registration Drives

Did you know students are eligible to pre-register to vote at age 16? We will be in the schools at various times during the year to hold voter registration drives so please sign up today to schedule one for your school!

Sunshine State Young Readers

This is a wonderful program where students vote for their favorite Sunshine State book. We will bring our election equipment to your school and help with the election process.

Travel Totes

Teachers--- we have prepared Social Studies lesson plans that come ready to teach with lesson materials and take home goodies for your students. You can check out a Travel Tote at any time by contacting our office.

Request a Speaker

The Supervisor or a staff member from the Election Office would be happy to visit your classroom or community organization to talk about the election process.

Office Tours

We will host community groups or field trips on a tour around our office to explain the election process and share how our equipment is used.


This is a wonderful opportunity for civic groups and organizations to help with the election process and raise money for themselves. A group would "adopt" a precinct and provide the people to staff that precinct. The Supervisor of Elections Office will then pay your organization instead of the individual workers.


Contact Kari Ewalt if you would like to schedule an outreach at [email protected] or by phone at 407-742-6100