Provisional Ballots

The Supervisor of Elections is required by law to provide a provisional ballot to certain persons, including:

  1. A person who fails to provide the required photo and signature identification at the polls on election day.
  2. A voter claiming to be properly registered in the State of Florida and eligible to vote at the precinct, but whose eligibility cannot be determined.
  3. A person whose right to vote is challenged by any elector or poll worker.
  4. A person who votes in an election after regular poll closing time pursuant to a court or other order extending the statutory polling hours.
  5. A person who has received a vote by mail ballot and returned it to the Supervisor of Elections office, but goes to the precinct on Election Day maintaining he/she has not returned the ballot and remains eligible to vote.
  6. A person who has received a vote by mail ballot from the Supervisor of Elections and it cannot be determined whether the ballot has been returned to and received by the Supervisor.

You can check the status of your provisional ballot. Make sure you have the provisional ballot receipt number.

Any voters requiring a provisional ballot cure affidavit may retrieve it here.

Notice of rights to provisional ballot voters:

  1. A person casting a provisional ballot has the right to present written evidence supporting his/her eligibility to vote to the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections, 2509 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, FL 34744, no later than 5:00 PM on the second day following an election.
  2. In a primary election, it is important to contact the Supervisor of Elections office immediately to confirm you are registered and eligible to vote in the General Election.
  3. If you voted a provisional ballot because you did not have the proper identification, your ballot will be counted if your signature, on the "Voter's Certificate and Affirmation" located on the provisional ballot envelope, matches the signature on your registration record and if you voted in the proper precinct.  You will not need to provide further written evidence to the Supervisor of Elections.
  4. A provisional ballot voter may contact the Supervisor of Elections office at 407.742.6000 for information on whether his/her provisional ballot was counted.